Leading idea

During my work as research associate I experienced very often how really good results disappeared in the drawers. The reasons for that? Sometimes simple lack of time, researchers were all too busy planning, doing and producing results, rather than spreading them. Other times the level of technical English or the capacity to put a clear structure in a scientific text were not sufficient to publish the achieved results in peer-reviewed journals or to present the work in thematic conferences.

Furthermore, possible projects might fail to start or to advance just because of communication issues. These difficulties can be on the one side purely linguistical and on the other side conceptual. In some situations it seems impossible to find a reasonable compromise simply because the involved parties are not willing to observe the goals from different perspectives.



In the above described context my purpose is to transfer knowledge and connect people. How? I offer my help in the compilation and translation of technical reports, guidelines and other scientific documentation. In addition I can give support to perform adequate literature searches and provide assistance in the interpretation and presentation of complex data. On demand I prepare specific documentation for training courses and thematic workshops. My contributions to scientific journals and to thematic conferences give evidence of my skills as researcher and as technical writer.

Thanks to my experience in the execution of R&D projects, gathered during my studies in Italy and Spain as well as during eight years of activity as a research associate at BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany, I can help privates and companies by acting as a mediator and as freelance interpreter. I work successfully with small and medium-sized clients as well as with large enterprises and institutions, as my cooperation with the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (PlasticsEurope) shows. Currently, my work with PlasticsEurope focuses on the preparation of a guide providing information to improve the safety in chemical plants during the handling of tetrafluoroethylene, gas employed in the industrial production of polytetrafluorethylene and other polymers with important practical application (waterproof clothing, seals, among others).

I put my language skills and qualifications at your disposal and I offer you the necessary empathy and dedication to reach our goals together.